What We Do
FibroScan® Liver Assessment
A FibroScan® test is a quick (15-30- minute), painless, non-invasive examination of liver health, and provides a painless and reliable alternative to liver biopsy. The test measures liver health by measuring liver fibrosis or scar tissue in the liver, and additionally measures the amount of fat in the liver using the new Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) assessment. Liver Wellness is the first clinic in the private sector to offer the test to patients with the Fibroscan® 530 device.

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NAFLD Services
  • FibroScan®

    to assess extent of liver scarring (fibrosis)

  • Assessment

    of fatty liver disease stage and differentiation between simple steatosis and NASH

  • Advice

    …for the management of NAFLD

  • Assessment

    …for cardiac disease due to fatty liver

  • Access

    …to drug and lifestyle trials for new NASH treatments

Hepatitis B and C Services
  • Screening

    for HBV and HCV infections

  • FibroScan®

    screening for liver disease

  • Preparation

    …for drug treatment for liver disease

  • Monitoring

    …during and post drug treatment

Liver Wellness® Health Check
  • Liver Wellness® health check is a detailed assessment for individuals who are concerned about possible liver disease or risk factors for liver disease. The Liver Wellness® Health Check includes assessment of blood pressure, height, weight, waist and hip circumference measurements, liver blood tests, virology screen and FibroScan®. Individuals whose blood tests or FibroScan® results indicative chronic liver disease may need further tests.

Liver Wellness® Lifestyle Programme
  • Liver Wellness® for Life is an innovative programme to help clients live a healthier life, and prevent or improve liver disease through exercise, weight and lifestyle management. Scientific studies have demonstrated that 7-10% weight loss can reduce liver fibrosis by 80% and reduce and improve liver inflammation in more than 90% of individuals with chronic liver disease due to the metabolic syndrome. By helping our patients to improve liver health and wellness through a 1:1 personalised approach to food intake, weight management and exercise, the risk of liver disease progression is reduced, in addition to improving overall health. The Liver Wellness® for Life programme is a 12 week tailored plan delivered by experts in hepatology, nutrition and exercise. For further information or to book an appointment, call 01-9108901.

  • As Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at Trinity College Dublin, Prof Norris has initiated, participated in, and provided leadership to several research programmes in hepatology and aligned speciality interests. Prof Norris has been national principle investigator for several international clinical trials in hepatitis C. Prof Norris is currently running a research programme, funded by the Health Research Board Ireland, based at the Clinical Research Facility, St James’s Hospital which is investigated the impact of the hepatitis C virus on neurocognitive function. Prof Norris is additionally leading a research programme in NAFLD, which is exploring inflammatory signals in patients with fatty liver.

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