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Irish Independent - 15 January 2018

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4 weeks ago

“The Importance of Liver Screening for patients with Type 2 Diabetes” – Professor Suzanne Norris, speaking this morning at the Diabetes Ireland Conference & Exhibition, announces the results of the Diabetes Liver Screen Initiative that took place during World Diabetes Week in November 2017.

1 month ago
The contribution of alcohol use disorder to decompensated cirrhosis among people with hepatitis C: An international study

The contribution of alcohol use disorder to decompensated cirrhosis among people with hepatitis C: An international study

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1 month ago
Cutting back on carbs could help treat fatty liver disease

A new study reveals how reducing the intake of carbohydrates could help to reduce the buildup of liver fat in people who are obese.

1 month ago
Notes from the Field: Underreporting of Maternal Hepatitis C Virus...

“Underreporting of Maternal Hepatitis C Virus Infection Status and the Need for Infant Testing — Oregon, 2015”…..New public health strategies are needed to actively identify infants at risk for HCV infection and ensure that they are tested appropriately.

The rate of deliveries to women with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has increased sharply in the United States.

1 month ago
Documentary On Newstalk: Women Like Me

Documentary on Newstalk with Professor Cliona O’Farrelly of Trinity College Dublin on : “Women Like Me" on how inbuilt immunity could be the key to fighting Hep C.

How people with in-built immunity to viruses are helping new research

1 month ago
Fish oil may not be as healthful as you think, study finds

A new study finds that lifelong intake of fish or sunflower oil may damage the liver in a way that increases the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

1 month ago
Kiwi compound may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Research suggests that a compound found in kiwi and celery may prevent fatty liver in offspring born to mothers who ate a high-fat diet in pregnancy.

1 month ago
Home - EASL HCC Summit 2018

The burden of liver is continuously increasing and despite the increasing incidence and mortality of liver cancer, little is known about the molecular mechanisms triggering its development and progression. EASL acknowledges the importance of clinical and translational research in this field and is organising an HCC Summit entirely dedicated to this topic, 02-03 March 2018.
Discover the scientific programme and help fight liver cancer.
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