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Liver Wellness is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Diabetes Ireland in raising awareness among its members of the growing risk of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

Fatty Liver Disease affects up to 30% of the general population and is particularly common in type 2 diabetic patients. Prof. Suzanne Norris will introduce the topic at the Diabetes Ireland AGM/Patient Education Workshop on the 12th November.

As part of this awareness campaign, Liver Wellness will provide a total of 50 free FibroScan® assessments to Diabetes Ireland members.

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Liver Wellness is an innovative model of care which offers patients a private and confidential service in the assessment, treatment and personalised management of liver health issues.

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The hidden dangers of Fatty Liver - An article written by Prof. Suzanne Norris

The Hidden Dangers of Fatty Liver by Prof. Suzanne Norris

5 days ago
Harris pledges €5m to reduce rates of obesity

Irish children are now the 58th most overweight globally and rank eighth in Europe.

5 days ago
Almost a third of Irish children are now overweight – study

Irish boys rank 98th in the obesity charts and girls rank 78th out of 200 countries

6 days ago

To coincide with World Obesity Day, we are delighted to announce that Liver Wellness will provide a free FibroScan to five of our Facebook followers, at risk of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. (Click the link below for Fatty Liver Disease FAQ)

To avail of our offer please email, for details of the pre-screening application process. Please reference “World Obesity Day” in your email.

— Products shown: FibroScan®.

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'33 per cent of Irish adults will be obese in eight years' - obesity experts

Some 33 per cent of Irish adults will be obese by 2025, and this will be at an annual cost to the State of €2.1bn a year.

1 week ago
Press Release: New data shows 97% decrease in cost of diabetes medication after obesity surgery | Irspen

IrSPEN (Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism), ASOI (Association for the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland) release new national data to highlight urgent need for national obesity treatment programme

1 week ago
Even if you don’t drink you can still get liver disease

There’s an epidemic of fatty liver disease in this country, and teetotallers aren’t immune

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Fatty liver or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a term used to describe a condition caused by the build-up of fat in liver cells. A liver normally contains a certain amount of fat, but if fat represents more than 5% of the weight of the liver, that person is said to have “fatty liver” or steatosis. Fatty liver is a common condition that affects up to 17%-46% of European adult populations. It is the most common cause of chronic liver disease in developed countries. Read more

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