Liver Wellness Data Privacy Policy
At Liver Wellness, we take your privacy seriously. It is important that you know and understand what we do with personal information that you and your medical practitioner provide to us, why we collect it, and what it means to you. On May 25 th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new Europe-wide data protection regulation comes into effect. This new regulation seeks to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals living in the European Union and place enhanced accountability and transparency obligations on organisations when using your data. Liver Wellness takes privacy and protection of our patients’ data very seriously, and support the enhancements to data protection which GDPR will introduce.

The medical information we collect about you.
We will hold:
– Data to identify you, including your contact information,
– Your medical history – past and current medical conditions or diseases,
– Your family medical history (where appropriate),
– Your medical social history – smoking and alcohol usage information,
– Medical information provided to us by your GP, referring consultant or other healthcare professional,
– Results of medical tests such as blood tests, X-ray results, Fibroscan results, and other medical tests relating to your medical needs.

When we collect your information.
We collect information:
– that you give us,
– given to us by third parties such as your GP, referring consultant or other healthcare professional,
– information from your use of our website.

Who we share your information with.
When providing our services to you, we may share your information with:
– your GP,
– your medical consultant,
– healthcare professional relevant to your medical care,
– third parties with whom you ask us to share your information.

How long we hold your data.
How long we hold your medical data is subject to legislation and regulatory rules we must follow, set by authorities such as the General Medical Council. We are currently obliged to hold your medical records for eight years.

Your rights
From 25th May 2018, you will have several enhanced rights in relation to how your data is used, including the right to:
– have inaccurate or incorrect information corrected and updated,
– access your personal information,
– to withdraw consent at any time where processing is based on consent.

Implications of not providing your information.
If you do not provide information important to provision of our services, we may not be able to provide requested services to you, or assess suitability for our services.

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This policy may change occasionally so please check this policy from time to time.